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Environmental Policy:
What drives us:

Steve Launchbury has a life long passion for trees and plants that has seen him train at Kew Gardens gaining the Kew Diploma in Horticulture in the early 80's and be in commercial Tree Surgery ever since.
Health and Safety:
SL TreeCare Ltd are Chas Accredited and as such are dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment for all staff and everybody else.
Employees are skilled in the tasks that are undertaken. Training is provided to ensure that staff retain relevant skills required.
We will minimise risks where possible and protect through training and PPE to ensure as safe a work environment as possible.
Our equipment is examined and maintained (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations).
Climbing equipment is kept to standard through examination (Lifting Operations, Lifting Equipment Regulations)
We plan our work to prevent accidents or work related ill health.
The environment we live in is increasingly under threat.
SL TreeCare Ltd is a professional and responsible company that aims to be environmentally conscientious in all aspects of daily work.
We aim to reduce pollution and use resources as effectively as we can in the works we undertake.

SL TreeCare Ltd will comply with published Codes of Practice and Legislation regarding the Environment.
Wherever possible, waste timber and vegetation is converted to woodchip for recycling as mulch with timber being converted to firewood where possible.
The most efficient way of working and vehicle use is aimed for, minimising vehicle miles and unnecessary fuel being wasted.
We will regularly monitor our policy and update as required.