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From Leylandii, to holly, beech or more delicate box or other ornamental hedges.
We prune hedges of all sizes from domestic ornamental to wild and rural. Options include reducing height and width to allow for regeneration or simply and neatly trim to maintain.
Crown Lifting
Crown lifting is the removal of the lower branches often to give a uniform height from ground level.
This can help the garden by allowing light in under the canopy to a lawn or shrub bed.
Stump Grinding
We can remove any tree stump in most locations. With different sizes of stump grinders, we have the machine that will do the job!
Tree Planting
It is important for the enjoyment of our surroundings to have trees. If we have cut one down, why not get us to discuss your requirements and plant a new tree?
We are commonly involved in the planting of new trees, either as a replacement as part of a Tree Preservation Order condition.
Crown Reduction
Crown reduction is used to reduce the size and spread of the crown of a tree and/or reduce the height by the removal of the ends of branches whilst maintaining the tree's natural shape as far as practicably possible.
Crown Thinning
A Crown Thin involves the removal of some of the secondary or smaller branches within the tree canopy to produce a uniform branch structure without altering the overall size or shape of the tree.
This will allow more light to filter through the canopy.
Tree Felling
We have taken down trees of all sizes over the years.
Tree felling can be a simple fell to near ground level, or a more complicated dismantling of a large tree in sections using a mobile crane or other equipment such as a MEWP or cherry picker.
Some of the tasks we can do...
if it's anything to do with trees and plants, ask us.....