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Asian Longhorn Beetle

(Anoplophora glabripennis) is a big (20 to 40cm long) beetle, black with white blotches and long antennae.

This serious pest was confirmed in the Uk at a site near Paddock Wood, Kent in early 2012.
On May 20th 2012 Radio 4's Gardeners Question Time heard of an unconfirmed discovery of the Asian Lonhorn Beetle approximately 50 miles away from Paddock Wood, Kent.

This could indicate that the beetle might be gaining a foothold in the country.

If you see it, or possibly catch it and secure it in a container for examination, or if you think you have seen evidence of it, please contact the Fera Plant Health Help Line on 0844 248 0071
Alternatively email
Not only does an infestation weaken the tree, but it also allows for the invation of other pests and pathogens that can cause the early death of the tree.

It may have been imported in packing materials from China. It is a pest of devastating proportions should it ever get established in Britain.
The beetle lays its eggs in small scrapes on the bark, the grub then burrows in the trunk and large branches, creating large feeding galleries. The exit hole can be about 10mm diameter.